What's Project ZO-SAN?

ZO-SAN is a database of seals from pre-modern Chinese books. This database enable you to:
1) Search pre-modern Chinese seals stamped at several books.
2) Create and edit data on your own after you registered as an editor.

Although a few of the databases for Chinese seals already exist, we believe ZO-SAN is still valuable since it can be used to find seals with part of owner's name, title of books, or face string of seals.
It also means users could know several seals used by the same owner or several books which have the same seal.

The database was constructed as part of the practical training of Chinese bibliography classes held at Shido Bunko, Keio University, Japan.
These classes are supervised by Professor Satoshi Takahashi.
Initial data of Zo-SAN were examined and inputted by his students, whose names are below.
Some item records which have "CiNii_URL" are downloaded from CiNii Books (by NII).
ZO-SAN is administrated by Maiko Kimura.


Editor ID Name
1 Maiko Kimura, Ph.D.
7 Silun Liu
Anyone can participate in this project as an editor.
However, if you want to add your name to the contributor list above, please feel free to contact us.